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Contribution to EU Consult's Information Service

Beck Management Center GmbH was founded in 2005 by Prof. Martin Beck. It serves as a consulting company the not-for-profit sector all over Germany. The companies headquarters are located at the very center of medieval University Town of Tübingen in south western Germany. The majority of our clients are based in Germany. 

Please take note of the following points: 

  • On our website you will find under Referenzen and Landkarte a list of major clients and a map of Germany showing where our activities have been and still are.
  • The core business of Beck Management Center is to place the best Management and Leadership People of NPO and Social Services at the right places.
  • Martin Beck, founder and patron, is also busy as a writer and columnist. Almost 200 articles and comments have been published over the years. Always the latest of this articles are presented on our website. You will find the texts (in German) under Veröffentlichungen.

Martin Beck

27th December 2012